Founded by the illustrator and artist Fay Shelton, CON lifted it's shutter and opened it's door in July 2009 in Barcelona´s upcoming district of "El Born". CON's ambition is to become a playful space which aims to always surprise with its varied styles and subject matters. This non-commission gallery was inspired by the Paul McPherson Gallery in London where Fay has exhibited several times. The idea is that the artist rents the space and hence loses no "percentage" when their art piece is sold. This gives the artist more autonomy and means that if the artist is prepared to take on some tasks, the expenses can be kept quite low.
Shows will change every 2 to 4 weeks, although group shows can go on longer...
CON also intends to provide a corner for original t-shirts, found objects and funky hand-made jewellery.
If you're interested and wish to get in contact with us please do not hesitate to do so...

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