Exhibition Fay Shelton

Opening: 09/07/09 - 7pm

Until the end of September

A ménage à trois; 3 styles, 3 nationalities and one idea. Not forgetting a deep desire to convey via the medium of art. English artist and illustrator Fay Shelton, Spanish artist Paco Carrión and German born artist Lars Schotzau joined forces with the intention to provoke and create certain questions and ideas in the minds of the viewer. Fay studied jewellery and metalwork in London and later at "Eina" College in Barcelona, where she completed her studies to date with a masters in Illustration, Lars has a diploma in a Art Foundation course at the Chelsea College of Art and Design in London. Originally he intended to study Fine Arts further, but decided to find the colors of his path by himself. Paco Carrion was born and grew up maybe a bit too big in Visoña, located in the exact centre of The Planura. With only this reference in mind; it's easy to understand the reason for his insane iconography.

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