Exhibition Configuraciones

Opening: 13th of May - 8pm
Until the 29th of May

United under the title Configuraciones, the artists Rodney Samuelson from California and Santiago Adeoye from Barcelona, present their most recent works.
Samuelson offers us the paradigm of a certain kind of “horror vacui” (filling of the entire surface of an artwork with detail) illustrated through the elaboration of an amalgam of kaleidoscopic characters, with a delicate, imaginative and meticulous graphic simplicity which takes one back to a primitive innocence full of vitality.
Adeoye, nonetheless, using the Venus of Willendorf as his sole motif, induces us to a more hidden and dream-like reflection of that which is remote. By combining, in an unusual manner, an icon of the past with signs from the present, he opens the door to a game of reciprocal decontextualization of the figures to which he gives shape.

David Contreras Moreno

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