Exhibition Lars Schötzau

Opening: 06/11/09 - 8pm

Until the 27th of November

CON is pleased to present a completely new exhibition by German born artist Lars Schotzau. A show which is exclusively based on conceptual art pieces with which Lars presents his own particular vision regarding social, environmental, and political matters. With this exhibition, Lars wishes to raise questions in the mind of the viewer. This search for answers has become very important to him in recent years. For Lars, art is not only the representation of beauty around us, but has become an international tool for communication. A medium he hopes has not been lost in favour of the Television and Facebook society. Anything from old computer parts, recycled containers as well as every day objects; Lars uses a wide range of materials to convey his point. The result being an exhibition he so aptly named: "Open your eyes and see for yourself".

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